How to Add Colour to Your Spring Wardrobe

How to Add Colour to Your Spring Wardrobe

How to Add Colour to Your Spring Wardrobe

How to Add Colour to Your Spring Wardrobe

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It's that time of year again when we are dying to add some fun hues to our wardrobe. Since spring-like weather is taking its sweet time arriving consider feeling the brightness and happiness of spring with the help of your clothes.

By adding a little colour here and there, we can start to transition our outfits into the new season and I have 3 pairs of tights that can help you get there.

Here are 3 ways to add some colour to your spring wardrobe!

With Textured Plum Chevron Tights

Grab your Textured Plum Chevron Tights and start mixing and matching around this hue. With plum tights, neutrals or pastels make a perfect match. After all, pastels have been all the rage the last couple of seasons and this season is no different. As spring is still on the colder side, I opted for a sweater to keep warm. Finally, I also went for a navy bottom to complement both my top and tights.

With Textured Mustard Yellow Chevron Tights

Mustard yellow is such a bright and powerful colour. It's an ideal shade to pair with a black and white palette for an outfit that just screams spring. The key is to add one other matching accessory to bring your whole look together. I opted for a matching beret, but you could also use a mustard headband, necklace or earrings to complete your outfit. This look is guaranteed to satisfy your spring colour craving.

With Textured Emerald Chevron Tights

Jewel toned emerald tights are so fun for spring and pink is a the perfect complementary colour. After choosing a colourful blazer, I added a skirt with a touch of pink and a dash of greens to complete my look. This way even though the tights and top are a little darker, these bright pops of colour make your outfit look like a spring bloom. It all comes down to balancing colours to create a look that’s chic, yet fun.

How are you adding colour to your outfits this spring?



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