How to wear the over-the-knee tights

How to wear the over-the-knee tights

How to wear the over-the-knee tights

How to wear the over-the-knee tights

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There’s no doubt about it – our over-the-knee tights are definitely the most popular style of the moment!

The style gives the illusion of wearing knee-high socks. It is a must-have accessory to make any outfit look super trendy.

Whether you have a casual, urban chic, or preppy look, our over-the-knee illusion tights will easily find a place in your wardrobe this spring.

The preppy style

Bold & elegant

Over-the-knee tights are a very trendy fashion accessory, and can be easily adapted to a chic and elegant look.

The proof is in the picture, paired with your favourite black pumps and a coloured skirt (red and yellow are very trendy colours for the season).

The key to this look is finding the perfect skirt to match these tights. Be careful with the length – avoid super short skirts so your look stays classy, but make sure it is short enough to show off the over-the-knee effect – entirely opaque tights aren’t seasonal right now 😉


The urban chic style

Always up to date on new trendsDon’t hesitate to style your over-the-knee tights with a skirt, a dress, or a pair of shorts. Each of these pieces will add an urban touch.

We are obsessed with the leather shorts and backpack combination!

The casual look

We like to pair simplicity with stylePastel colours are very fashion-forward, just like the sneakers, and we love pairing comfort and style!

So don’t hesitate to match your little sneakers with your over the knee tights, whether it’s day or night!MagasinerCrédit photo: Emilie Iggiotti

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