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Rachel’s tricks to face the urban jungle with tights!

astuces collants

Rachel’s tricks to face the urban jungle with tights!

Tights Guide

Our tights: we love them, and we want them to last as long as possible! But even when we select them from the highest quality, tights have many enemies out in the urban jungle!

Here are our best tips to make them more resistant:


The sweet rinsing

Start by washing your tights by soaking them in warm water. After rinsing, dissolve one or two sugar cubes into your clean water. The sugar will absorb into the fibre of your tights and make them more resistant to the challenges of the day!


Frosted tip

Put your tights into a freezer bag and keep it in your freezer for 24 hours! The cold is a great friend to tighten the mesh of your tights!


Before the operation, put on some plastic gloves!

When putting on your tights, a single slip can ruin your outfit plans. There’s nothing worse than catching a ring, bracelet, or nail on the fabric and causing a tear. To avoid disaster, slip on a pair of plastic gloves!Hairspray, your hair’s best friend and … your tights!

Once you put your tights, spray them with hairspray. Like #1 trick with sugar, hairspray strengthens the fibers of your tights to make it more resistant and also avoiding any static from your dress or your skirt.


Before you go out with your boots, put some socks on

In a hurry? You put your boots fast, you zip your boots and then … the drama! You were in a rush and your zipper got caught in your tights. To avoid last minute incidents, put on a pair of socks on top of your tights before putting on your boots. In addition of protecting the dangerous zip, you would be more comfortable in your boots!


In any case of clash: nail polish is your best friend

The urban jungle can reserve you full of nasty surprises: a badly screwed nail under your desk or your chair, a friend who passes too near with her ring … If the clash left a small hole in your tights, put a little nail polish to prevent your tights will not ruin from head to toe. This will allow you to limit the damage for the rest of the day.


With that, your finest tights will be more resistant to the incidents of daily life.

Don’t hesitate to share us your tips to keep your tights in a perfect condition!



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