Sockettes: The “must-have” accessory this summer


Sockettes: The “must-have” accessory this summer

Socks haven’t always been the most popular accessory in our closet. They are often forgotten, or completely left behind in summertime. But guess what? This summer, socks are not hiding anymore. In the past few months, socks have undergone a true revolution, from tired necessity to must-have accessory… it’s time to say hello to sockettes.

Completely unassuming, sockettes can be mixed with sneakers, oxford flats, open sandals, or high heels. They have already made their effect on the catwalk and in the city.

We dare to wear them, and we let them live through our different styles!

Sequined ankle sockettes


The shiny one, the one that we want to show!

We love to mix our glittering sockettes with simple high heels, to put a little lightness in our step.

To avoid an accidental disco ball effect, we wear them with neutral shoes like sneakers, oxford flats, or open-toed sandals.

Laced ankle sockettes

Ultra-trendy this season!

With laced sockettes, we bring a modern schoolgirl touch to our style. We wear them with oxford flats or heeled sandals.

If you’re afraid of having a full-on baby doll look, stay away from braids or pigtails in your hair. Or embrace these hairstyles for a super cutesy look.

Floral ankle sockettes

We are crazy about pastel colors!We proudly show those little flowers on our ankles. They fit perfectly with solid-coloured shoes, in any style.What about you, which sockettes will melt your heart this summer?

Photos: Eve Lavoie Photographie

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