7 Things That Will For Sure Rip Your Tights

7 Things That Will For Sure Rip Your Tights

7 Things That Will For Sure Rip Your Tights

7 Things That Will For Sure Rip Your Tights

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Sometimes it’s the things we least expect that can cause an unwanted snag or tear in our tights. Like it or not, tights with a lower denier can be extremely fragile and you need to take proper care of them to avoid a disaster.

A snag in your tights happens to the best of us, but there are a few things you can avoid to save your tights from rips, runs and snags.

Here are 7 things you definitely want to avoid to save your tights from snags and tears!

1. Jewelry

Sometimes it’s your favourite accessories that can snag your tights. Jewelry, especially rings and bracelets, can easily get caught on your tights and ruin them. To save your tights, always pay close attention to any jewelry you’re wearing.

2. Chipped fingernails

I always have my nails properly manicured because the smallest chip in your nails can easily diminish your tights lifespan.

3. Long toenails

Do you have runs that often start at the foot of your tights? You’re probably not grooming your toenails properly! Always make sure your toenails are clipped and filed before wearing tights. Either way, it’s the perfect excuse to get a pedicure.

4. Rough skin

Any friction or rough materials can cause your tights to snag and that also includes rough skin. To avoid any disasters, you should always moisturize your feet and hands before putting on your tights.

5. Shoes with hardware

I know you thought your favourite booties could do no harm, but they might in fact cause a snag in your tights! Shoes and boots with metal hardware like buckles and zippers can easily ruin your tights when you put them on. In order to save them, always wear socks over your tights when you wear booties.

6. Clothes in rough materials

Though a suede mini skirt will pair perfectly with your tights, the rough material can cause a snag in them. Shop for dresses and skirts in soft materials and opt for pieces that have a proper lining to avoid any unwanted rips.

7. Your purse

Finally, your purse with metal hardware can also be a culprit and cause a snag or tear in your tights. Pay attention to the way you let your purse hang by your legs or sit on your lap, and you could save you tights!

Are there any other things that have caused your tights to rip? Let me know by commenting below!



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