Sustainability was at the heart of our Fall 2019 Collection with the first release from our eco tights collection featuring our classic Polka Dot Tights and bestselling Over-the-Knee Tights in an eco nylon obtained exclusively from environmentally friendly raw materials. What’s most exciting is that eco tights do not comprise comfort or quality. They’re soft to the touch and just as resistant as any other Rachel product.  Feel good about looking good and embrace the new season in eco-friendly tights!

What are eco tights?

Our eco tights styles are made from Q-NOVA Nylon, which is obtained from waste materials that come directly from our suppliers production cycle.

Why is Q-NOVA Nylon better for the environment?

Nylon is an an oil product, which releases harmful gases during production. By utilizing waste materials to create Q-NOVA Nylon, we’re able to reduce the overall use of crude oil necessary to make our products!

What percentage is there  of recycled materials?

Good question - 99% of Q-NOVA fibre comes from recycled materials.

So what’s the bottom line?

Here are the facts: Q-NOVA slashes CO2 emissions by 80% and cuts down on water use by 90% when compared to usual nylon production.

But are eco tights still resistant?

Absolutely! We swear by the quality of our eco tights. They’re not just environmentally friendly, they’re comfortable and resistant like all other Rachel products!

WHEN PRODUCING ECO tights, we save