Social Responsibility

At From Rachel, we care about the environment, ethical working conditions and local production.

Your box…

  • All our boxes, stickers and tissue paper are made in Montreal or Quebec
  • Our boxes are made of recycled cardboard and the tissue paper is compostable
  • We try to limit our use of packaging and choose to use tissue paper to protect tights during delivery

Where our product come from

A third of our products are manufactured in Quebec by a supplier we are very close to.

The rest of our products come from Italy and are manufactured in factories that we have visited several times. We maintain a close relationship with our Italian suppliers and talk to them regularly.

Since we shipped our first box, we wanted to make sure that the companies we do business with are environmentally friendly and respect ethical labour standards. That's why we regularly visit our Italian suppliers; to ensure the products you receive respect our values (and hopefully yours too).

That’s not all!

  • Our merino wool tights are made in Quebec and are animal cruelty free
  • We ask all our suppliers to reduce their packaging as much as possible

Green partnership

We know, tights are fragile. To make sure tights aren’t filling up our landfills, we have set up a partnership that values the circular economy and sustainable development. After all, ripped tights are more than just waste!

On the daily…

Everyday, Rachel’s team takes important steps to reduce their environmental footprint! Here are some examples:

  • We reuse damaged tights to dust our office
  • We make small sponges to wash our dishes
  • When possible, we purchase rechargeable household products
  • We encourage our local fashion industry by partnering with local companies and designers
  • We take the time to sort our waste and recycling